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How do I become better informed before purchasing a new home or previously owned home?

As a consumer how can you begin to learn more about home warranty information and insurance coverage?  There are several resources that can be provide information to begin your research such as the BC HOUSING website.  It provides consumers a wealth of information to help you make a better decision during the home buying process.


I want to buy a property. Where should I begin?

Before beginning it's a good idea to know what you can afford.  There are plenty of mortgage options, working with good financial advisor will allow you to make the best decision.  We always encourage our clients to stay within their budget so that they don't feel overwhelmed when they do find the perfect house.  The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have several homebuying calculators that can give you an idea of your financial situation.  Prior to purchasing a home, take out some time and change the numbers in these calculators and see what the outcome is for you financially.   Take control of your future!


Put family first and then begin your search.

Yes, your family deserves the very best!  When beginning the search for a home you might feel overwhelmed at all the options available.  We always tell our clients to consult with thier immediate family first prior to beginning the search because what your family values will lead you to the perfect house.  Take in to account the TIME you will be spending to various places.  We all want to spend as much time possible with our families.  Sit down and discuss your current lifestyle, what changes need to be made and how will buying a house in the right location make your family more stronger!

We have prepared a survey that will help you get started.