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Note: This calculator should not considered a substitute for professional accounting or legal services.  It is for estimated examples purposes only.

How much commission does a realtor make when they help you sell or buy a property?

There is no standard or average real estate commission fee in the greater Vancouver area. We adhere to a Code of Conduct which includes the following standards:

Commission rates or fees members charge for services offered to the public, and the division of those fees among cooperating members, are solely the choice of those providing the services.

As realtors believe in the principles embodied in the Competition Act of Canada.

We always welcome the conversation around commission because we are here to provide an unmatched value to our clients .  We too have purchased houses prior to getting our licences so we understand your mindset completely!  We absolutely love what we do because we love to meet new people that want to work in a collaborative way to reach a shared goal.

Who pays real estate commissions?

How do home buyers agents get paid?  In most cases the buyers of a condo, townhouse or detached home in the lower mainland DO NOT directly pay the commission to their Buyers Agent.  You may hear agents say that it is FREE however in actuality it is the SELLER’s brokerage (which is paid by the seller) that pays for the buyer’s brokerage commission.